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iron host sat out for good on this day. have yourself a great weekend everybody. [bell ringing] >> is the shift about to hit the fan? because that employer healthcare plan you currently enjoy could be gone before you know it. welcome everyone. i'm nor neil cavuto. this is "your world." if a new report is right, get ready to kiss the employer healthcare plan goodbye. a report just out suggesting that by the end of the decade, 90% of workers could lose the health insurance as u.s. companies shift to the government-run exchanges. is this what the president wanted all along? >> i happen to be a proponent of the single pair university
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healthcare. [applause] >> to town hall's katie path victim who says that is what we're seeing right now. if you push people out of their employer health care, towards government care, that is what the president intended in that is a move to socialize medicine? >> absolutely. so president obama before he was elected way back when in 2008, we saw him campaigning on this idea of want to go single payer. fast forward to 2013 -- or last year and 2014 now, senator harry reid said the goal is absolutely not only to get people into a single payer system but to get rid of employer-based insurance altogether. now there is something to be said about trying to get people insurance they can't get it from their employer but the whole idea here is that people are going be to stripped of their insurance from their companies because the companies can't afford it and they're pushed into the government program because the individual mark has been destroyed already by obamacare.
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>> we were not told that at the time 0 obamacare was being debated, and when it was first passed. that was not on the table.
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jobs and home health care, and they're just saying they don't pay a lotógñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ and they da lot of bang for their buck. and the other thing, wall street analysts are struggling with is -- was the dropout. 806,000. usualie lou see that level in a strike or recession. they think they may hey the answer and this is interesting. it could have to do with the expiration of the extension of jobless benefits. the extension expired. may be a lag effect here. when you apply for jobless
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benefits you have to check a box you're continuing to look for work. so when those benefit goes away the job less benefits, the illusion also goes away that you're looking for work, being counted at looking for work. so wham mow, 806,000 people reportedly, according to the government, dropped out of the labor force. >> so you're telling me if you look at the blunt headlines, the rate down 288,000 jobs, that looks positive. look a little bee anything the surface and it's not so rosy. in fact it's very much a mixed picture. >> wall street is reacting accordingly. you think if you see 280,000 jobs, 6.3% rate, you'd see the dow in positive territory. you're not seeing that. we're seeing not so much the economy is going in reverse, it's limping along. you need more people to work in order to buy goods and services to get the economy growing begin. >> thank you very much. just as the jobs numbers are ticking up, these guys could
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have them crashing back down. [chanting] >> protesters clashing with police in seattle. their beef? capitalism. they don't like it one bit. the i this graffiti urging demonstrateyears to smash local businesses. you know what we noticed? they sure do like their pricey smartphones. the ones made by all those nasty capitalists and also like burgers, even a anarchists have to eat to mike huckabee who says forget anarchists. they're just hypocrites. >> i have great respect for people who live out their beliefs. for example, ed begley, jr. is an environmentalist but lives his lives and is prudent the way he lives, cautious, not like an al gore that flies around in a private jet and burns 20,000 gallons a day on his jet. but when you see protesters who are saying, we hate capitalism, oh, by the way, how do you like
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my new iphone, how do you think that cape about? this is the ultimate kind of hip pockcracy. it's not like the weekend hippies that would act like they're tough guys and maybe put a wig on and act like they got long care. he's are -- these are people who pretend they really hate capitalism. the truth is they hate work. >> if the sons and daughters of middle class people reacting against a system that provided them the goodies so they can get out there and smash things up. >> these kid had good educations because their parents were capitalist enough to pay for theired of indication, and if hey had to work as hard as the people whose jobs they're jeopardizing they might have a different perspective about their hatred and animosity. >> could you link that to this demonstration? >> i think they're spoiled brats. they're spoiled brats.
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they need a good kick in the behind. i don't know that would be the appropriate way that would get one maybe -- neighbor betup arrested. >> s they sue you. >> but they would have to sue me in the capitalistic court and sue me for damages and they wouldn't want any money because that would be capitalism, too, wouldn't it? >> but they got the money for a good lawyer. >> probably do. >> i got ask about politics right in the middle of the campaign, 2016 not that far away. get the impression that jeb bush, who floated a trial balloon about running -- i get the impression he is attracting a lot of money. there's a report today that chris christie is losing donors and they're going over to jeb bush. what do you foe about this? >> i think that's very possible. i dent know if people are living christie. a lot of people really like jeb bush. i'm one of them. i think he is a great guy, terrific governor in florida, smart, articulate so i can certainly understand -- >> he is the moderate side --
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the is on the -- dare i say the moderate wing of the republican party, the center. >> there's somewhat an irony to that. jeb was considered one of most conservative governors when he was in office, very conservative. as he governed, to cut taxes. of all the people in america he would be the most surprised to hear he is suddenly a moderate. that's one of the things that is an interesting knew nuance how labels are applied. >> he is something of a competitor of yours. i am aware of a poll in arkansas, where a a variety of republicans were matched against hillary clinton and you were the only republican to beat her. any comment? >> i look at jeb bush as a colleague, not a competitor. i would look at hillary clinton a competitor of ideas. whether or not i run or jeb bush runs, our ideas clash, because i really do believe we have way too much government. i think the manner which we hasn'ted foreign policy asia
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disaster. so it -- is a disaster, so it be a clash of ideas. i don't know we have that many clashes. >> you say you're pretty close? >> on many things we are there would be nuances youch don't take any two republicans anywhere and they would agree on 100 things but probably aglow on 58 to 90 and that makes us closer than i would be to nancy pelosi or hillary clinton or harry reid or barack obama. >> i see that argument. i'm going to give you another shot. an iowa poll, you're fame with it. let me tell the audience. an iowa poll, you came out on top. ahead of paul ryan and ahead of jeb bush. not by much but you're out ahead. in iowa. what's that -- what would that tell our audience, governor huckabee? >> the people in iowa are very, very smart people and should be carefully listened to. is that what i should say? >> i don't in the what you should say. just -- >> they're lovely people and that's one of the reason is love them.
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>> you could go further. they're wonderful people. >> they are wonderful. >> they put you ahead in the poll right there. >> there they are. >> implies your running. >> no. >> committing yet? >> . no it's too early. this will be decided next year after the mid-term elections-not right now. >> that's a practiced line. >> it has to be. >> who is on your show? >> congressman michael burgess talking about the process of the select committee. we're also going to have the sister of justine pelletier, the 15-year-old girl who has been kept in custody of the state of massachusetts for 15 months. an outrageous story, every american parent needs to understand it. her sister will bev with -- will be with us. >> governor huckabee we'll watch. let's get back to the may day protesteres hamp do you make of them? tweet us at team cavuto and we'll read your responses later on this program.
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>> the white house trying to just brush it off as new benghazi revelations blow up, are we looking at a coverup? republicans are digging deeper and so is brett hr. >> did you change attacks to demonstrations? >> i don't remember. >> you don't remember? >> this is like two years ago. we're still talking -- >> dude -- >> the think that everybody is talking -- i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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after the new benghazi e-mail a new push to get the obama administration to talk. right now, house lawmakers are getting ready to form a special select committee to investigate the attack. even with the select committee, getting to the bottom of the benghazi affair will not come easy. listen to what happened when we asked a fairly simple question to a former obama administration official. >> did you also change attacks
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to demonstrations in the talking opinions? >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this is like two years ago. we're still talking about -- jurick dude, it's the thing everything is talking about. the process of editing talking points. that what boy,s do all day long. your producer edit script. >> brett is not backing down and tonight at 9:00 eastern brett is asking if a white house coverup has been revealed. brett is here now. welcome, brett. >> hi. >> before getting to the substance, i was watching and was very surprised to hear the use of the word "dude" from a former national security council spokesman. i believe it took you by prize and it was inappropriate language, frankly. >> it surprised me, too. i responded with a dude back, so i duded hid dude. i was surprised at his reaction. to be fair to tommy, he came in,
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he answered the questions, and i appreciated that. and i applaud him. we were talking about the talking opinions and he was frustrated there has been so much focus on adjusting the talking opinions. 'll point out a couple things. one is that the white house said repeatedly the white housechange the cryie talking points. they said they didn't change it at it all. only changed one word according to jay carney, from consulate to diplomatic facility. tommy vitor is saying they changed more than that. so i think that was interesting. a couple of other interesting things in the interview. to be fair, again, tommy did say that it was a tragedy and that his concern is that it doesn't happen again. but he and the administration is kind of frustrated that this is being the focus of republicans going forward with this committee. >> have you uncovered a
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deliberate attempt to deceive the country weeks before a presidential election? >> this e-mail that came out as a result of a judge's ruling on a foia request by a group, a consecutively -- conservatively leaning group, judicial watch. this advanced the ball, stirs things up, and takes it into the white house. how you get to the final thing that lays all of this out is really tough to see, and i think speaker boehner today by saying there will likely be a special joint committee, a special committee, rather, to investigate this, is going to be interesting. the critics charge that republicans have spent a lot of money already and time on this issue, but there are many questions that still remain. in this interview last night, we also heard and learned that the president was not in the situation room. tommy was there, and the president was not.
1:20 pm
the president have to be in the situation room? no. but that was just something we learned now 2014 as opposed to 2012. >> i don't believe we know exactly where the president was that night. we are told that he was in the white house. but other than that, we don't know. or who he was with. i believe that's accurate. is it important we do know? >> just gives you context. we know he had a meeting with defense secretary leon panetta in the afternoon and he was told about the attack. we know that the administration says that he was kept abreast of what was happening, and we also know that secretary clinton had a phone call with him at 10:00 p.m. in between that time we don't know where the president is and he is not in the situation room. you can handle things from other rooms in the white house, obviously. presidents can. but communications equipment and intelligence with breaking stories, as you saw with the obama raid and that iconic picture of the president and his
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staff in there, that's usually where they go. >> does the new select investigative committee from the house -- does it have the powers required to advance the ball ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals,
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drive a gas guzzle center get ready to pay up if you're parking, at least in madrid. the spanish city launching new smart meters that charge more for cars that pollute more. fuel equirt cars get a 20% discount. electric cars park for free. mark says it won't be long before we see something like this in the united states. this sounds like we have created a new sin, driving low-mileage cars so bet out there and beat it up and tax it. is that what it's like? >> it is. this is engineering -- social engineering, central planning to the most minute details and that doesn't make logical sense. even environmentalists in spain are criticizing this. if you have a newer car, done necessarily meek at it cleaner car and also going to punish low
1:26 pm
income. anyone who has an older car, they can't afford a new one, guess what, you're going to be more in parking fees in the city. the bottom line is, it's not going to do anything for the emissions or the pollution in the city. it's very hard to believe it will but it is going to raise a lot more revenue probably for the government and going to make them look in politically to the eu, looks like they're doing something. it's symbolism but real economic pain for a lot of people, particularly low income people. >> another subsidy, certainly for electric cars. this is another subsidy. i seem to remember it was an -- i think los angeles airport where they offered free parking long term for electric cars and they got so much demand their revenue win straight down because they were giving away parking spaces to electric cars. you think this is coming to america? >> we have had variations of it. in california, 2008, with the smart meters, they were going to have the government controllure
1:27 pm
thermostat and that was overturned. here in the d.c. area we have had hov restrictions with high occupancy vehicle lanes and electric cars got a pass with one vehicle. they changed that. the ironic thing is electric cars are powered by natural gas and coal. when you plug them in, your base load electricity is at least 70% when you add up the coal and natural gas so how much greener is the electric car? use due county maybe america is ready for and wants this social engineering? do you think it might be popular? >> it's going to be very popular among certain circles. part of the sustainability commission in spain have plenty of those in the united states. part of the smart growth. when you hear the froze "smart" it's a dumb way of saying, centrally planned bean counters trying to regulate every aspect of our lives. we had nancy pelosi good to china and say we need a complete
1:28 pm
inventory on our lives so i expect more of these smart meters coming to the united states, a lot more of these schemes but i don't expect them to have any result when it comes to environmental benefits, but they'll have revenue ben anies for government and a major inconvenience to a lot of citizens who don't play by the politically correct government rules of what they should and shouldn't drive and how far they can drive and what kind of car some where they can park. >> watch out, mark, here it comes. thank you very much indeed, sir. tweeters, what do you think about this? tweet us, please. we do want a hear from you. smart meters. got it. teachers, they don't want to be tied to their students' test scores and now they're suing. do they have a case?
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ask your doctor about axiron. goodbye classroom, hello courtroom. seven houston teachers and their union filed a federal lawsuit over their performance evaluations. claiming the city's decision to tie promotions and pay to student test scores is unfair. well, is it? attorney rebeca rhodess-woodland things so but randy says the teachers are hipcrats. strong word. back it up. make your case. >> how about a little bit of personal responsibility. great, that is how we measure students. so that is how we have to measure teachers. what is a amazing it's
1:33 pm
objective. imagine if we had some subjective standard where, okay, i'm the one who decided whether you get a bonus, get a raise. then people would be screaming, this is so unfair. maybe he likes me better than he like thursday other one? maybe he doesn't like this person, so we try to do something objective. stop complaining. >> rebecca, what is unfair about tying a teacher's pay to the performance on a test? >> that i don't think is unfair, and i don't think the teachers in houston are saying that unfair. what they're saying is, how it's being done. they don't mind being associated with the grades and the scores but they feel that the manner, the testing manners in which are being apply decide. >> hold on. are they against the testing or evaluation of pay? >> no what they're against is the fact that a lot of these tests that are given to the students are not even the curriculum the teachers were told to teach how much can the student do well on tests when we didn't cover that? >> got a case.
1:34 pm
>> it's capricious and the idea they're testing -- >> sounds legit to me. >> they've got to complain about something. if that were true the student would be doing lousy. one teacher complained i was teach are of the century, the following year not so good that happens in every walk of business. so take some responsibility. and that where your argument loses -- >> no, i doesn't. every year they have -- >> teachers' pay going up and down depending on a batch of students. is that fair? randy? >> if one person watches me and my mom passed away so she can't be the one -- and loves me, or if four million people watch and don't dig me but they're watching there has to be a measure by which we are judged. >> that's a rotten analogy. >> a wonderful analogy. >> your mom is going to love you. we hope so. >> an objective standard means it's fair for everybody.
1:35 pm
everyone is judged the same. how does a kid get into college? based upon grades. how does the kid get a first job? based upon grades enthusiasm you evaluate a teacher -- >> they're saying the evaluation process as if they were saying, in college you have the s.a.t.s, they're fully tested out way before the students take them in houston, they're saying, the standardized tests you're giving to our students aren't within what we're teaching them. so this makes no sense. so let's fix it, but don't fix me -- >> you know the subtext. >> control over the curriculum. >> the teachers union doesn't like testing and evaluation. >> i understand that. >> this is an axe to grind against testing and evaluations. >> of course. now we have to test -- >> what do you mean of course. that destroys your case. >> that's it. >> it doesn't, randy. what i'm saying is, yes, of course, but there's always a meet in the middle. you can't have a standardized
1:36 pm
test that doesn't make sense. you have to have a test that is developed by the teachers for the students -- >> i bet you everybody got their money. >> the test wasn't evaluated or made by the teachers. made by an independent organization, not even in houston, not even in texas. >> were the teachers -- >> don't in the curriculum. >> the gavel is coming down. before we went into is i thought randy would win hands down. i pronounce this a tie. >> all right. woo-hoo! >> so diplomatic. >> fair and balanced, baby. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> enough. that benghazi hearing happened. why is the mainstream media acting like it didn't? brent is on the case. as more information.the attack comes out, will hillary see major fallout? i'm type e. i know what my money is doing. i rebalanced my portfolio on my phone. you know what else i can do on my phone? place trades, get free real time quotes
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revelations, and now a select committee. will the latest benghazi developments have what -- what impact will they have on hillary clinton's potential presidential run in 2016? to our political watcher, larry. what impact on 2016? >> well, i think it's basically an issue that stirs the republican base, and you need issues like that in order to maximize party turnout. if republicans are looking to expand that issue to affect democrats and independents they'll be disappointed. there's been no evidence for the past several years, since it began, since september of 2012, that it is possible to expand it much beyond the republican base, but there are advantages to stirring the base. >> you're saying not much influence on a potential campaign by hillary clinton. are you also saying that this story done have the legs to last another two and a half years?
1:41 pm
>> i think it's going to be difficult, although the speaker appointing the special committee, continues the story, and if the republicans take over the senate, it could become one of those joint committee hearings of congress, and it could bedevil president obama and the democrats through elections. you have to have new information coming out, or a vehicle like a joint congressat committee in order to push an issue like that to an election. >> primaries on tuesday. you think the republican primary in north carolina is a particular importance? tell us all about it. >> well, it is, because that's a vulnerable seat for democrats. a one-term democratic incumbent. kay hagan, elect six years ago, and north carolina is very closely divided.
1:42 pm
obamacare in 2008, romney carried it in 2012. the turnout tends to be lower and more skewed to the republicans.the republicans need a strong candidate and need a united party. they have three candidates winning. the key to watch for is on tuesday night, whether one of those candidates can cross the 40% mark. if one of them crosses 40%, there's no runoff. if heavens the republicans save a couple of hongs of twicesive intraparty warfare and wasting millions of dollars. >> who looks to be the person most likely to get that 40%? mr. tillis? >> yes, the state house speaker, tom till his, is leading, supported by jeb bush. behind him is dr. greg bran knopp, supported by senator rand paul, and then pastor mark harris supported by former arkansas governor mike huckabee. so you have a shadow
1:43 pm
presidential race involved in this particular senate primary. >> we'll be watching tuesday, larry, thank you very much inteed. >> thank you. >> we did know quite early on this was a hostile action. this was no demonstration gone terribly awry. to the point of what happened, the facts led to the conclusion of a terrorist attack. >> that benghazi hearing apparently not worth much of the mainstream media's time. nbc, cbs, ignoring it, in their nightly newscasts. abc spending 46 seconds covering it. media watcher brent zell has had it. a lot of the country has. it appears to me, at least, this was deliberate deception involving the death of an american ambassador, deception that came right before a presidential election. i'm astonished the media did not pay close take. >> at the same time, and the same week, we have knew the e-mail that show how calculated
1:44 pm
and calloused this administration was and how cold-hearted calculating they were in trying to formulate this lie about a video. and now you have a top military person coming out and saying, not only was it never a video, but they could have been saved possibly. so what you have is huge, huge, huge news because four men died as a result of this. including the ambassador to the united states. fox news gave this coverage 74 minutes live, not your news program last night but just the live coverage. 74 minutes. msnpc, 24-hour supposed news channel. zero. cnn, which calls itself the worldwide news leader, zero coverage of this. what is more important than this story? >> why? you made the case this is extremely important story, coming right before the 2012 election, the taking of an american ambassador.
1:45 pm
why did these news outlets, so-called news outlets ignore it lining this -- like this? >> because it goes against the narrative. it will hurt the obama record, hurt the democrats going into the 2014 elections, and they're not going to cover it. why tide they give 24 times as much coverage to that idiot basketball owner in los angeles who deserved to be excoriated like he was, but 24 times as much coverage to that fool as to benghazi? this is a media that are deliberately -- i can't underscore this enough -- they're deliberately suppressing news from their audiences. this is dangerous stuff. >> let me just spell it out. there was a changing of talking points to say, demonstration, not attack. there was a failure to send help
1:46 pm
or rescue to those people in benghazi. no one has been prosecuted or brought to justice. we have a president who weeks after it was known otherwise, still said that attack was the result of a video. it's not just one or two -- >> the evidence, the e-mail chain evidence, showing how a wide variety of people in this administration were par par tis paer -- participating in the lie of she video. this isn't news, there's no such thing as news. go back to a reagan scandal, bush scandal, nixon scandal, it -- go would took clinton scandal, makes all of them pale by comparison. >> larry said that this benghazi affair will probably not have a wig influence on hillary clinton you agree with that? >> no, i don't. it's going to haunt her.
1:47 pm
she will try everything she can to distance herself from it. but it will linger, linger, because they refuse to answer the questions, who put up the video? why did they say the video? why didn't they come clean? why didn't they do anything about it? why no one has had an opportunity to interview anybody who has there and for god's sake why haven't we done anything about it? >> yes, sir, thank you very much indeed. we'll see you again soon, i'm sure. >> thank you. isease that has infected hundreds around the nobody and now the first case of mers is here. what you need to know. ben! well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money.
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. one deadly virus, 11 countries, hundreds affected,
1:51 pm
and now it's here. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts has the details. john. >> 11 countries earlier today, now 12, stuart, including the united states. this is a huge development that has the centers for disease control worried we could see more of this middle east respiratory syndrome here in the united states. the patient is a doctor from indiana who had been working for several months in saudi arabia, where there's been a traumatic increase in cases there. on april 24th, he boarded a plane and eventually made it to chicago and boarded a bus to go back to his home in muns ter, indiana, he got 6th on the -- he got sick on the 27th. what is mers? its cause by a corona virus.
1:52 pm
fatality rate, anywhere between 30 and 50%. it's spread through close contact. no sustain spread at this point. there has been some small clusters. more from the national institutes of health with more. >> people who have gotten infected and either have infected very close family members and then it stopped, it never went beyond the household and then in some health care settings there has been a situation where a person was infected and then infected the health care worker that was taking tear of them. >> and the indiana man was a doctor. the big story, a couple of minor mutations, this virus could become easily trans missable
1:53 pm
human to human. they are urgently trying to get in touch with all of those people on the aircraft and the bus back to indiana. they are playing this with an abundance of caution. it's a very fluid situation. >> let's go to dr. angela rasmussen on how you can protect yourself. this is spread by close contact. what does it mean? touching, sneezing? >> that's correct. it means most of the people who got infected are people who lived with an infected person or carrying for a infected person and some some cases health care workers. they are exposed to large levels of the virus than the typical person sitting on a bus. >> could this mew tate for something contracted between
1:54 pm
people? >> that is a possibility. it's also a possibility the virus could become more trans missible, one of the case of mers, one of the thing that is heartening is the receptor is typically located deep within the respiratory tract, in the lungs rather than the nose. in order to do that, you have to be exposed to a much larger dose of the virus in order to have a transmission. >> how can we protect ourselves? >> by avoiding infected people is probably the best and limiting travel to the middle east. typically, all of the cases, even though there have been a few clusters of very close contact individuals outside of middle east, all the cases have come -- originated in the middle east, and if not -- it's not clear how the virus is being spread there. it's possible that camels or bats may be transmitting it, but we really don't know that much about it, so employable -- so probably the best way to avoid
1:55 pm
mers infection at this time is to avoid infected persons and to avoid areas that are known to be sources of mers. >> the can excite -- anxiety is rising, can we leave it at that? >> i think it is rising and i think for good reason. compared to the sars epidemic which was more efficiently transmitted from human to human, mers has a much more mortality rate. >> 50%. thank you for joining us. may day protests ripping into capitalism as they use their fancy smart phones made by capitalists. hip or hip owe credits. your raek after the break. ♪
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we asked you what you thought about those anti capitalism may day protests and here's what you had to say. the protesters in seattle like to wear their nike shoes, i phones and capitalist credit cards what hippo krit is. we also told you about new parking meters that charges more gas gusling vehicles. not politically correct but stiffly imperative. thou is that fair? that's total discrimination against those who can't afford a fancy hybrid or electric super car. if your car is parked, it's not guzzling gas.
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yes, sir. tune into varney & company. on the fox business network. coming up next, "the five." hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with bob beckle, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." did the administration deliberately deceive americans about the benghazi attack? well, today house speaker john boehner announced a special committee is being formed to investigate. the move comes after newly released emails advised susan rice to tell the world protests regarding a video.

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